Indig Inc is created by Indigenous artisans for Indigenous artisans. Our inspiration was to create an online meeting place for artisans and buyers looking for that authentic experience and storyline connection. Indig Inc is a space where the stories of the artisans is weaved into the very fabric of platform, offering an authentic experience in a new way, and connecting people across the globe.

Indig Inc’s mission is to provide artisans with the freedom to create their own businesses and set their own guidelines in a professional setting seen by a global audience on the Indig Inc platform. We work with and nurture the business goals of artisans and connect them with buyers who are looking for something alternative.


Heather Abbey

Heather Abbey is a Cree woman from Little Pine First Nation, residing in Saskatoon.

Heather is the proud recipient of the 2016 national Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year award from Startup Canada, and has placed in fifteen business competitions to earn the capital to create Indig Inc.

Heather is a proud SheEO Activator, and Startup Canada Alumnni – Indig Inc is the first Indigenous Venture selected into the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Cambridge, MA, and is proud to be the newest member of the Saskatoon based Co.Labs Incubator.

Heather is incredibly excited to see her online marketplace dream come to fruition, and looks forward to growing Indig Inc and supporting as many Indigenous Artisans and Entrepreneurs as possible!

Samuel Tipewan

Samuel Tipewan is an entrepreneur from Witchekan Lake First Nation, currently based in Saskatoon.

Samuel is a proud contributor to Indig Inc, drawing upon his sales background, cultural knowledge, and understanding of Indigenous protocols to move the company forward in a good way.

He is looking forward to continued growth with the company, both personally and professionally, and connecting with and promoting as many Indigenous Artisans and Entrepreneurs as possible!

Proudly Supported By:
Indig Inc gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations.

Creative Sask:  We’ve received numerous grants from this amazing Creative Funding organization, most recently to build out this marketplace!

Co. Labs – We are a proud member of Sasks first Tech Incubator!