Aboriginal storytelling is a sacred tradition that connects the orator to the audience and focuses on the teachings of culture, ceremonies and spirituality. This has been the basis of passing knowledge of customs, traditions, and the way of life. Stories become ingrained into the values and morals of Indigenous communities, and these teachings guide them in their everyday actions. 

The way we are all raised, who has influenced us as children, even the language we speak can all shape the translations we receive from storytelling. It is believed that when stories are misunderstood than there is a disconnect between the storyteller and the listener. The goal of this project is to introduce stories of local Indigenous people, create an opportunity for dialogue, and connect the audience to these individuals with their unique short stories. These candid introductions are a simple way to bring light to unfamiliar faces, allow a platform for unheard voices, and connect YOU to the storyteller so perhaps next time you see someone you recognize from these interviews that you may be inspired to begin a meaningful conversation. 


Interview One; Mark. 

“Insanity stems from the insistent willful belief of lies. Negative thinking. There is always going to be that; conclusions derived from negative thought patterns. It is always going to be a lie. And it makes you soft in the head. 

There is a mind that possesses people, and it has been trying to destroy me since I can remember. And I’ve never been stronger in my life. And my music has never been stronger. But you know, when I get out here often I can’t even get my guitar in a proper tune. At home it will sound beautiful, but out here, ten people in a row will ask me,

“Oh do you want me to tune that for you?” 

“Oh, fuck off,” you know?

I don’t mean to brag, but I am pretty damn good. I don’t get that much love though. Because, people, to the degree that they hold onto negative thinking – willfully insist that I’m a leper, I’m a fucking junkie and I am going to drag in bed bugs and other junkies and needles. And it is not true, I am clean. I don’t do drugs, I don’t need to do drugs. I am high anyway. Have you ever heard of kundalini? Well mine is activated. 

It has been said when people do drugs, what your doing is cheating, and you are tapping into a level of the spirit world, you are drawing into earths’ kundalini energy, it is magic! 

But (drugs) are irresponsible, and dangerous and seem to be unsafe on an entirely different level these days because there is this demonic mind that lives in that energy. And when people take these substances, it is Hell. 

I have beat my psychological addiction, but I HAD to do it. And I still don’t understand why myself, but I am prepared to do it until the day that I die. I have too, because now I am happy. I wasn’t really happy with all the fucking challenges that everyday would bring, and I still have a lot of the same challenges, but I am so strong now – I have no internal struggle and I am at peace with myself. 

Now the only way this fucking thing can mess with me is through, well for example; I spent all day in the hospital yesterday getting psychologically evaluated because people were being dicks to me. Two times in the last week the cops have taken my keys and lost them, honest to god. And then they try to treat me like I don’t belong in my building. And then I get mad, and people really get upset when I get mad, and then they call the cops again. And yeah of course they are going to be upset, and kind of scared, why wouldn’t they?

I heard something years ago that I didn’t make nothing of. I don’t believe or disbelieve too much. But I was hearing about how the earth is going to go through a sort of mitosis. And negative people that want to have their negativity will have their shitty negative world and the rest of us will progress to a much more beautiful world. We are on the cusp of that. I believe it will be another struggle, another fight. 

When I first started talking to the planet, she would take my hand and do this *rubs chest gently* and my god, I would just cry. But I realized that these people we see talking to themselves, that is what they are doing – making peace within themselves. With that “devil” inside. It is not a devil! It doesn’t need you to combat it, it needs your love.

I tell people all the time, I am a black sheep and a white lion. That is my yin and yang. My dark side is my stronger, wiser half. 

Negative is just the opposite direction of positive. It was never good vs. evil. Good and evil is something that we created, something that is not even there.’’

Mark ended his interview by playing a song for us and the others that had began to crowd as he was telling his story. 

“There’s a stranger,

standing in the mirror,

staring back at me.

I wanna know,

if he can see me,

if he can recognize me.

Never gonna cry again,

just die again, before I cry again. 

Before I cry. 

There is a spirit,

and it’s so dark.

And it won’t go away from me.

But I got a love in my heart that’s so strong,

It will never let it get the best of me.

And I got a love in my heart that’s so strong,

it’s so strong.”

Author: Lynn Porter