We caught up with MP Romeo Saganash for an interview!

Yes, “that” Romeo Saganash – the NDP Member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou. He was first elected to Parliament in the 2011 federal election, and was reelected in 2015. He is also the first Cree man to receive a law degree in Quebec.

Some of you might know him as the MP that dropped an F Bomb in the House of Commons on September 25th, 2018. We’ve got the scoop on what led up to that moment, in his own words.

We caught up with Mr. Saganash in Saskatoon, as he was waiting to deliver a keynote. Lucky for us, the conference was running a bit late, so we seized the moment and asked if he would answer a few questions for us! We were super excited when he said yes, and Indig Inc Co-Founder Samuel Tipewan was able to ask a few questions, including the buildup to the moment in Parliament.

Check out our first  interview right HERE!

Indig Inc Co-Founder Samuel Tipewan

Author: Heather Abbey