Savahna Jackson

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Nishta Creations is dedicated to authentic, quality handmade artistry that is made with the core foundation of respect for the materials and teachings used to create the items.

Savahna Jackson is a member of The Klamath Tribes and is of Modoc, Klamath, and Hoopa people. Savahna has been an artist since birth and has the honor to be trained, guided, and inspired by the artists in their family and community, particularly their grandfather, Robert Finley Barney, Jr., also of The Klamath Tribes.

Savahna is an active First Foods Chef, Harvester, and Storyteller. They are passionate about decolonization, food sovereignty, traditional ecological knowledge, and indigenous language revival.

Nishta is all through the night in the Klamath language, and the name was chosen to give respect to the fact that the artist usually creates their pieces in whole or in part during the night.


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