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Jaymie Campbell is Anishinaabe from Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario. She was born in Jasper, Alberta and since lived in parts of BC, Ontario and Alberta. Jaymie has spent her career time specializing in First Nations consultation and helping Indigenous communities negotiate, influence policy and build relationships with industry and government, specifically in Alberta. In 2015, Jaymie launched her own small business, White Otter Design Co, to incorporate her love of traditional artistry with contemporary fashion. She has been creating art since she was a small child, inspired by her mother who learned from her grandmothers. Artists run in Jaymie’s family, and it is an important connection to her ancestry.

While living and working in Alberta, Jaymie was gifted with her Cree name, Muskahwatsiiw Aseniwuche Iskwew, which translates to ‘Strong Mountain Woman’, from the grandmothers. The mountains are where she has made her home.

Jaymie graduated Lakehead University with two Bachelor Degrees in 2010. Since then, she has completed the Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance and Management at the Banff Centre in 2014. Jaymie is a wife, daughter, sister and aunt. She is an avid outdoorswoman, paddler, traveler and photographer. 

Jaymie’s work is inspired by her Anishinaabe heritage, but also influenced with the time she has spent with the Cree people of the Rocky Mountains and the Dene of the North. She owes great gratitude to the Cree elders who have taught and continue to teach the old ways which inspire much of her work. Jaymie wants to inspire young people to know you can be athletic and artsy, scientific and spiritual, and a warrior and an artist.

White Otter strives to use authentic materials in all of the work, and you will often see the use of hand tanned hides, horse hair and porcupine quills. Much of the material is sourced from local communities and elders, though Jaymie puts a strong focus on learning the traditional skills in order to use them in her work and pass them down to future generations. Jaymie hopes to use White Otter to help raise awareness about authentic Indigenous art and artists, traditional knowledge and connection to land.

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